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  Electronic data interchange(EDI)is the passing of ordersinvoicesand other trade transactions directly between computers.EDI avoids the need to print out documents at one endpost themand then key the information in at the receiving companyand can thus be a faster and cheaper method of exchanging information[].
  Although EDI has taken place for some time—BACS(the BankersAutomated Clearing Service)being an example—it is only recently that largescale paperless business communication between companies has become possible.The use of EDI is illustrated in Fig

  Users of EDI include companies in the financialhealthtraveland also the government.The UK government has set up its own data network—the Government Data Network(GDN)一designed to link together the computing facilities operated by various departments.This will enable paperless communication between government agenciesand is intended to increase the efficiency of their operation.Other areas that have set up their own EDI networks are the Lloyds insurance market in London(LIMNET)the British shipping industry(to handle import/export documentation)and the Electronic Record Ordering Service(EROS)set up to enable record shops to respond quickly to changes in demand.

    The benefits claimed for EDI may be broken down as follows
  ()Operational benefits
  ● reduction in paperwork
  ● improved accuracy
  ● handling of paper invoices and statements eliminated
  ● greater security.
  ()Cost savings
  ● reduction of dataentry overheads
  ● reduction in amount of stationery used
  ● elimination of duplicated processes like the rekeying of data.
  ()Logistical benefits
  ● reduction of order/dispatch timelag
  ● improved delivery time
  ● reduction in inventory levels
  ● improved planning and forecasting.

  It should be noted thatdue to economies of scaleonly companies with a large numner of trading partners are able to maximize the operational and cost benefits.Howeverboth large and small firms are able to benefit by the fact that EDI will tend to bring companies closer together in terms of trust and understanding.
  Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT)is the automatic transfer offunds(actually their coded equivalent)from one institutions computer to anothers[].EFT is a subset of EDIand refers to the transfer of value electronically from buyer to seller.
  In the US and EuropeEFT has been referred to as thecash cousinof EDI.Perhaps they could be viewed more as husband and wifeas what appears to be emerging internationally is an extremely close working relationship.
  EFT has been the major implementation by the banks to eliminate paper processing.Some EFT solutions enlisted in the fight against paperwork volumesscreenbased cash management systemsSwift(international)Bits(domestic)direct entry(magnetic media)ATMEFTPOS(cardbasedinternational and domestic)home bankingphone bankingand bill payment.
  EFT is largely responsible for increased markets for dataencryption hardware and software in an attempt to reduce computer crimes.


[] key in意为输入……到计算机中
[] their指资金(funds)


    Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)  电子数据交换
    Paperless business    无纸商务无纸业务
    Electronic Funds Transfer(EFT)  电子资金转账(传送)电子汇款
    Automatic Teller Machine(ATM)  自动出纳机


Fill in the blanks with appropriate words or phrases.
)_______is used to pass ordersinvoices and other trade transactions directly between computers.
)EDI enables_______communication between government agencies.
)EDI increases the_______of businesss operations.
)EDI avoids the need to print out documents at one endand then_______at the receiving company.
)EDI improves_______.
)EDI eliminates the processes of_______.
)EDI reduce the order/dispatch_______.
)Because of_______only companies with a large number of trading partner can get maximum operational and cost benefits.
)EDI will tend to bring_______together in terms of trust and understanding.
)EDI has _______.
)We can view the relationship between EDI and EFT as_______.
)EFT means_______electronically from buyer to seller.
)EFT means_______electronically from buyer to seller.
    a.large and small firms  
    b.husband and wife     
    d.greater security   
    f.rekeying data
    g.the transfer of value  
    i.key the information in
    j.economies of scale   


)c  ()h  ()e  ()i
  ()f  ()k  ()j
)a  ()d  ()b  ()g


  EDI的用户包括金融业医疗旅行社以及政府等部门英国政府建立了它自己的数据网——政府数据网(GDN)——将各部门的计算机连接到一起该网将在政府各职能部门间实现无纸通信旨在提高各部门的工作效率已经建立EDI网络的其他部门有伦敦的劳埃德保险市场(LIMNET)英国运输业(处理进出口文件)和电子记录订货业务(EROS) EROS可登记销售情况以便对需求变化迅速作出响应
  ● 减少了书面工作
  ● 提高了准确性
  ● 不必再用书写发票和报表
  ● 提高了安全性
  ● 减少了数据输入的开销
  ● 减少了文具的使用数量
  ● 去掉了像重新录入数据那样的重复过程
  ● 减少了订货/发货间的拖延
  ● 缩短了交货时间
  ● 减少了库存
  ● 改善了计划和预测工作






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